Monday, June 4, 2018

SIGHT Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Dhoby Ghaut Green 2017

 Organised by Sculpture Society (Singapore) and my work being part of the exhibition.

My first attempt at outdoor sculpture. The work carve from 2 species of trees, Saga and Khaya both medium hard, red wood tree. Varnish with sealant.

It was a tedious experience to work outdoor under scorching sun, beating the mosquitos and constant repair of the work. It was also a precious learning experience.

Whimsical Daydreams Light Installation Dhoby Ghaut Green (Artist Night Out 2017)

Many trees are pruned and cut down every day in Singapore’s urban garden of tree lined streets. Trees take very long to grow, some of their age as old as many of us. With a love for nature and giving trees a second life, the artist transformed it with ceramics forms and lights. 

Reflecting on the fast pace of urban life in Singapore and taking inspiration from the ubiquitous manicure trees line streets, the artist wonder on her role as an artist and what can she give and take from the city and nature. The city gave the wood and takes it away by chopping down, the artist takes the wood and give it a new life and give back the city.

As an artist Inspired by the amorphous shape from nature and a continuation of personal pursuit of soft biomorphic forms. The combination wood and ceramics evoke curiosity, its form a   smooth pop-up dream bubble perching on a trees with rough texture bark. 

An outcome is filled with thought, playfulness and whimsical imagination. The trees are dreaming, as the glow of lights flicker and transcend into different glows leaving behind the stress and mundane of everyday life.

We Are in This Together - Kis Kapolna Galeria, Hungary

I N  Ÿ  B E T W E E N  Ÿ  A M O R P H O U S  Ÿ  II

Handbuild with Herend Porcelain

The series explore the mechanics of porcelain and an iron rich clay while continuing a softness and biomorphic entity that resembles nature’s formation and growth.

Reinvestigation in hand building, discovery of firing methods and a reconcile of 2 vastly different clay manifested into 8 new works over the 6 weeks of residency.

The organic forms do not have a direct reference and the work evokes in the viewer a sense of ambiguity derived from its sensual volume.