Monday, November 14, 2016

The Curious Paradox of 50 House

Singaplural Celebration Design 2016 - Senses,  7-13 march, 99 Beach Road

"A whimsical exploration of 50 house using the material of Clay and Wool.  To the artist, the image of a house is a conception of home and more recently a manifest of the self.

The work hopes to push the boundaries in the amalgamation of both material and also to explore a tactile sensory aesthetic through the image of a house."

Preparation of work for the exhibition

Slip casting with porcelain with merino needle felted wool.
Some fitted with LED lights.

It took 3 months to work on this project, a fruitful learning journey.

Took 2 days 1 night to set up. Drilling the tables and fixing the Leds on site.

Overall view of exhibition room.

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