Monday, November 14, 2016

Seeing Them Differently 2

Flaneur Gallery
18 June – 5 July, 2015

Teo Huey Ling’s works involve intricate and laborious art processes. She believes that the concentrated activity of the making process will uncover the responsiveness hidden within the materials, hence bring forward the spirit of the labour and its energy to the viewer. Her works has taken a multifaceted direction in drawings, contemporary ceramics and art installation. Through an agglomeration and adding her skills in both ceramics and knitting, this series reflect the slow and steady way in which technologies are taken up into a tradition. Her knitted porcelain are artifacts which contain within themselves, the continuously evolving social and technological situations she has been exposed to. Graduated with high distinction in both ceramics and drawings from the National Art School, Australia in 2006. She has won the NAS Ceramics Discipline Award, Ceramics Art and Perception award and the student award show in Sydney Australia. She has exhibited in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and France.

Combine Knitting and Porcelain. Each work is knitted to dip into Southern Ice porcelain slip.

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