Monday, November 14, 2016

In-between Amorphous

Wood-Repurposed, Glocal Village Gallery, Temasek Poly

Working mainly with clay, wood is a new material for me, both natural material with a different set of characteristic and properties. Wood is warm, heavy and strong, it’s resistance in carving, a subtractive process contrast with clay’s malleable and after firing brittle quality.

The work traces the log’s natural curves while retaining a memory of its previous shape. It mimicked a softness and biomorphic entity that resemble nature’s formation and growth. The organic form does not have a direct reference but evokes in the viewer a sense of ambiguity derived from its sensual volume.

The wood logs came from the fallen trees around Singapore.

Chainsaw was the primary tool, a circular sander for the smooth surface

 Before and after.

After more than 1 month of hardwork, ready for the exhibition.

The toil and sweat behind the scene is beyond comprehension for most people.
By far this is the most technical and physical challenging work that I have done..

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