Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SingaPlura 2015 – Process 

10 Mar- 15 March 2015 

99 Beach Road         

The composition series were mainly made with wool and porcelain. It began with an interest to traverse, transform and explore, sometimes based on spontaneous reaction, other times a necessity for an expression.

Enclaved in twofold, my work has always been about materiality while exploring the concept of home and belongingness.

Porcelain was one of the primary material that I work with.  The material allows me to explore meanings of fragility and perpetuity. The property of Porcelain, with its sacred whiteness, vulnerable to break, yet the material would not decay through ages.

Wool was another material that I have a strong affinity towards. The tightly interwoven entanglement of wool fibers embodied meanings of warmth, softness, comfort and protection.

Composition III, divert from the other two series. It revisit amalgamation of the materials to take shape in ubiquitous tools such as hammer, scissors, keys, etc. The tools are represented with roots and plants like forms growing out of them or with some parts altered and replaced.

The domestic items express the thoughts of home, while the roots and plants like forms growing from it explore the idea of belongingness.

The work tries to discover deeper meanings of belongingness in home through domestic items beyond the materials and forms.

Composition II - ceramics and felt detail view


Composition II - ceramics and felt detail view

Press mould and needle felting detail view

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