Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drawings, Urban Scrawl - 27 Oct to 7 Nov

With 85% of Singaporeans living in high-rise public housing, it is somewhat a surprise that our unique vertiginous streetscape is infrequently reflected in our art. Urban Scrawl is a drawing collaboration by three artists, Shiah Chyi Yun, Tan Ai Ngin and Teo Huey Ling, each coming from the different art disciplines of sculpture, painting and ceramics respectively. Through the act of mark making, the artists hope to explore the capacity of drawing to reflect their surroundings, and consequently, their life. Trailing through the urban landcape, they journey to find meanings and significance in their city habitat, and attempt to establish the relationship between the self and spatial environment. Using distinctively different approaches, the drawings progress beyond mere documentation to evoke memories of place, reveal personal viewpoints and uncover new perspectives.

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