Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exhibition Matter-Proof 3 Sept till 20 Sept 2009 Sculpture Square

Matter-Proofs - a collaborative exhibition by five artists from different disciplines of artistic practice. The individuals break down their own boundaries to promote an interdisciplinary understanding of each other’s approach, to celebrate and reinvent the traditional techniques of printmaking and sculpture methods.

What happens when one art form flows into another? The investigations and experiments have also brought these artists together, creating hybrid works that are both quirky and contemporary. The works transcend the conventions of individual art practices, provides the artists a platform to exchange their area of expertise, unifying both the illustrative aesthetics of Printmaking and the physical presence of Sculpture.

Art work from exhibition Matter-Proofs

Mmm... new kiln 1st firing

Exciting! Firing the new kiln for exhibition Matter-Proofs