Friday, January 9, 2009

Off The Pedestal

The 11 rice paper sculpture were created over a period of more then 3 months, meticulously layered, cut, and form into the shapes. Previously, the works were made in a much smaller scale, this time the larger work was extremely time consuming and technically more challenging.
Special thanks to the help from my colleagues, Loy Kwang who stayed back after class and lending me the correct tools, showing me step by step the 'secret' recipe of mixing the organic glue for the rice paper(normal white glue just dont work on rice paper eh!!) and how to layer the rice paper super flat with no air bubbles(this step is so tedious, anyway i am contented with the bubbled ones:)) To Gui Lian who always listens to my woes and encourage me and give me a pat on my back when I was so fustrated with the work which was growing ever so slowly, 10cm in length for 2hrs work!! Incredible!

Love to all my friends who came a long way to see my art work. Thank you very much:^v^

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stargazer said...

Hi Huey Ling
I met you AGES ago when you exhibited at Sculpture Square! We had a chat about papermaking...
How long are your pieces on display at the Esplanade? They look very interesting...