Monday, March 12, 2007

Stairwell Gallery Exhibition - Composition

Exhibition - Composition

Vessels from Urban Landscape

Stoneware, thrown, painted in cobalt, black and red stain, fired till cone 11 flat, glazed in warm satin glaze.

The vessels were a respond to the urban landscape collages.

The fragmented planes showing visuals of dark and light tones, just like the shadows and sunlight in the cityscape playing hide and seek with each other.

Urban Landscape Collage

These collages were created from photos taken around the places that I walked passed everyday.
I had an affection to live in the city, to observe it life, especially its architecture. The buildings in every city represented the story of it citizen, in a way the buildings themselves not just served it purpose as a dwelling or just a function for human activity. Itself, it is alive, it wear and tear, became old and bears the marks and story of its user. The shadow they cast shifts and alters with one another giving the city life, tones and rhythm.


This work was a reference to the house that I lived in, 'cube stacked high into the air' - the HDB flats.

The cubes were slip cast and altered, stain coloured, glazed and Raku fired; their materials were stoneware bone china, a bit of wood and felt.

Just like Rojak, our local favourite food, I preferred to use a variety of techniques and materials in my art because of a consciousness to our multifaceted nation.

I enjoyed experimenting with the different techniques, stacking and balancing the precarious cubes, finally presenting the work as a search for identity through all these processes.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Devotion of Boxes - It All Started From Here...

The devotion starts from here – After many years of throwing and fail to become the ‘master thrower’, I find that either I give up ceramics and go back to painting or maybe there are other things to do in ceramics.

Therefore I started hand building boxes so that the flat surface will become canvas for painting. Then the question is what to paint? I associated the boxes to my living environment, the urban landscape and the search for an identity. After a considerable struggle to defy the warping of the walls in high firing, I had some success and results.

Since then, boxes, cubes, these right angle enclosed shape have been the chosen form to express myself. They have become an extension of me.

Large Scale Project - Structure

The making process in this gigantic structure is more important than the end product. The determination and perseverance in the making, starting from just a tiny slab, painstakingly taking the form, strengthening and reinforcing the structure to prevent it from tumbling; it is a mind game and also a demonstration of self confidence.